Monday, April 18, 2016

Magic Birthday Party

Long time no see!
I am jumping into the cyber space for a second to share these ideas I came up with for our son's "Magic birthday party". I had a very hard time finding anything on the web, so I thought someone else might be going through the same. Let me say, though, that while all of these ideas were totally "Pinterest worthy" in my mind, the results were more of a "Pinterest fail"; but kids still loved them, and we all had fun. And I'm sure a better prepared parent could do a proper job at these!
Cupcake toppers: I split an Oreo cookie in half, and used the filling to glue it to a chocolate covered marshmallow (from Trader Joe's). I then made a thin snake out of fondant, and flattened it over the bottom of the marshmallow.
Magic wands: They were simply Poky sticks cut in half, with both ends dipped in melted white chocolate (I was going to try yogurt, but the one I had did not work well).
I ordered mini cupcakes (since I didn't want to have too much work to do, ha!), and they were a bit too tiny, so I'd say these would work better on regular cupcakes.
The cake was the worst of all.  I was set on making a top hat, so I decided to bake three cakes and layer them. Then I made one more cake, but baked it in a large cookie sheet, hoping it would still be quite high, but wider than the rest, so I could cut a larger circle. 
I put orange juice and dulce de leche between the layers, and covered everything in melted chocolate. For the ribbon, again I used fondant, but it was so heavy that it started falling down and pulling the cake with it. In a moment of desperation, I used toothpicks to keep it in its place, and these in turn helped hold the top layer, which was much thinner than I expected.
I am telling you all this, so you don't make the same silly mistakes I made.
I finally re-covered everything with melted chocolate, to help keep it all together, and covered the now chocolate stained fondant with melted white chocolate. The end result was at least better than the middle "Sad Cake" result, as named by my daughter, but it was a very heavy cake. And messy to cut.
Luckily, there were lots of cupcakes.
The favors were chocolate bunny pops and felt stovepipe hats (from Oriental Trading), and magic wands made from black pencils (from Amazon) dipped in white acrylic paint, which were the biggest hit of the party, after the magician.
Happy Dan The Magic Man was totally awesome; both kids and adults had a blast. If by chance you live in the Triangle Area, you should definitely hire him for your next event :).
See you sometime in the future...


P.S. I am not affiliated with any store, just sharing what and where I found everything because I am that nice!

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