Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day

 Oh, hi there! Just wanted to pop in to share the valentine gifts we did with the kiddos for their friends. They were quick, cheap, and easy to do.
We cut a cross in the middle of the bigger hearts to pretend the dinosaurs had gone through them. For the unicorns and such, we glued the smaller hearts (as sparkly wings) using little bits of glue dots.
  I had bought the dinosaurs and unicorns from Target's dollar bins, and the glittery hearts from the Dollar store. I saw the glue dots (Zots) on another blog, and bought them thinking I would need them, and I did!
 Finally, I did a google search for "Dinosaurs Valentines" and "Unicorns Valentines", since I had no more energy to think of anything fun to go with them (back-to-back colds, followed closely by the flu, anyone?), and here is what I found: and
 If anyone is reading this, and wondering why it's been almost exactly a year since my last post, I have four words for you: Kids and Family visits. Although to be fair, I've also been obsessed with my clay classes; they really make me happy :). Here is a sneak peak of a few of the things I've made.
Most of these were made at Raku class (my ultimate favorite).
These were made at "regular" Clay Sculpture class.
Happy Valentine's Day to y'all,
Kids discovered soft boiled eggs, so I had to make animal egg cups.


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