Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Snowpocalypse… I mean, Valentine's Day!

We've been snowed in and stuck at home for the last 3 days, so I have lots of pictures to share from our Valentine's preparations and day.
Sophie made pet rocks for her friends.
Oliver got into making Valentine's too, and he went to town with markers and stickers.
For the hub's, I went the lazy route, since I found this super cute free print online, and thought it went perfectly well with a chocolate frog and some socks (I wrote: "Sorry, I couldn't find glass slippers in your size, but here are some socks"). I did sew a little heart on one of them, though. That has to count for something, right?
My favorite thing was this free vintage kissing booth sign that I printed and attached to the kid's little puppet theater. It was a big hit.
Even Ratoncito had fun giving kisses!
Hope you had a sweet day.
Oh, and here is a video that I just saw that sums up our last few days, enjoy :D!


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