Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Baby Turned One!

How sweet and sour... I have no idea how this year passed by; all I know is that I am completely in love with this kiddo...
The cousins (and uncle and aunts) came to celebrate with us, so we had an extra blast.
I bought a lot of special treats for the clown-themed party: the best pierrot clown hats, clown cupcake toppers, tiny pinwheel picks, a balloon animal making kit (inspired by my latest obsession), a ring toss game, a circus photo opp banner, the cutest big top centerpiece, and clown noses and animal crackers for favors. Sophie made a picture of Oliver dressed as a clown, and we used half of a clown nose to finish it up perfectly.
And the most special treats were actually for big sister and myself: some incredible dresses by Boo, from neezapodoma (who is totally awesome).
Well, the kids favorite was actually daddy's surprise bouncy castle :)
We had tons of fun at the party and with the family, thanks to everyone, we love you.