Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Bunny and The Fairies Came

 Happy Spring! Happy Passover! Happy Easter!
The Easter bunny came to our house, and left a few things for everyone. And apparently the fairies were here too, and left some sparkles (or maybe it was sugar from the peeps, who am I to tell?) on the counter. Sophie got some bunny peeps and some chocolate eggs,
I got some (old) cake pans, daddy got a chocolate bunny, and baby Oliver got... a leaf. Yes, Sophie decided that this little leaf she found on the floor had to be what the bunny had left for the baby, so he could flap, flap, flap it and fly :)
 Then she opened the fridge looking for carrots to send to the bunny, although then she realized we didn't know where the bunny lived. No worries! She figured we could put the carrots in some cars and write a note asking to please take them to the bunny. Perfect plan!
Hope you are starting to feel the warmth of the season. I know we are trying to enjoy it while it lasts (although we are all sick again... pfffttt!!!).


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