Saturday, February 23, 2013

What To Do With Two Sick Kids

We have all been sick for almost a straight week now (not counting the months of on and on sickness), and I am running out of ideas on how to distract a sick baby. Luckily his big sister has been mostly amazing and super helpful, but still, every sick baby has his limits. So I decided to try out this easy baby's first painting, made with yogurt and food coloring.
Baby was happy with the novelty for a total of three and a half minutes,
and his favorite part was painting his high chair.
But big sister had a great time painting,
and then eating the paint.
Well, that was some sort of success...
Better get back to the nebulizer and steam baths, gotta get rid of these bugs!
Oh, kind of on this note, here is a video that sums up how we've been feeling lately. We thought dealing with all these issues with the second child would be a piece of cake, silly us. And the baby is ten months already. When, oh when will we be able to sleep again?! And if the video isn't enough, here is a photo of how I look today (and to think last night I was so full of stylish dreams).
Hope you are feeling better than us, and if you have suggestions on what to do with the kiddos (or the mamma), they will be much appreciated!


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