Friday, February 22, 2013

I Miss My Style

I was looking at myself in the mirror the other day, my too big PJs covered in every bit of yuck you can imagine from 2 sick kids (who "graciously" passed their germs on to me afterwards), and thought: "Am I ever going to be able to dress up in nice clothes again?". I looked at my clothes (the ones that fit) and could not even remember what I used to wear to the lab, when Becky (the sweet admin) would say to me: "You always wear such cool clothes". All the clothes I seem to wear now look like sacks of potatoes... Uffff... I need to do something! In comes this great Stye Dare from Fox in flats: I say it's never too late to get back to feeling stylish, even if you are still getting over the stomach flu and you find inspiration on a month long dare when said month is almost over. I was ready to go to bed when I found this dare, so I decided to put on my nice blue shirt (which incidentally still has the price tag on) just to take a picture.
The hubs thought I was crazy, but it made me smile. Hope tomorrow I will feel better and have fun with my layers; and since I almost always do layers, I will try to make them more interesting... stripes, flowers, polkadots... maybe!


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