Monday, September 17, 2012

Cocoon Garland for a Very Butterfly-y Birthday

Happy Birthday to our sweet, sweet Sophie! You became a big sister this year, and every day that goes by you show us what an awesome big sister you are. You can jump really high, and if you keep eating and growing, you might even reach the sky, or so you say. You can twirl and dance and stand on one tippy toe, and just want to dance and dance all the time (when you are not jumping). You woke up to the house full of butterflies and kept touching each one of them and saying How beauuuuuutiful... this is my favorite, and this is my favorite, and THIS is my favorite! We love you so much, it hurts! Hasta el infinito, ida y vuelta, ida y vuelta, ida y vuelta!
When I asked Sophie what she wanted for her birthday party she said: ice cream cake and butterflies. The ice cream cake was a great find from Ben & Jerry's. As for the butterflies, you can see below some of the things I made.
Butterfly/caterpillar sock puppets (inspired by these).
Some super simple butterfly wings.
Some cocoons for a garland, made from some very long brown packing paper triangles. To make these, wrap around the straight end of the triangle all the way to the pointy end, and glue it with E6000 glue, then spray paint with your favorite color (or in my case, whatever color you have left) and decorate with big dots made with a back Sharpie.
 Then just make two holes with a pointy object (metal skewer).
 Pass the string through them and hang in the most prominent spot of the house.
Add butterflies around it to make it prettier (I used these butterfly decals and put them all around the house. They were totally worth it).
I bought this book by Thomas Marent, for the adults at the party to enjoy the artsy side of butterflies. It is gorgeous.
We did some painting and butterfly decorating.
We even used the left over paint (a lot, since squeezing the paint out of the tubes is half the fun in painting!) to give Sophie's cardboard house a new paint job.
We had a great time, with great friends. And after everyone had left, we had a photo shoot.
And theeeen, Sophie (well, really all of us) received the most unexpected, awesome and sweet birthday present of all: a family music video. I could not help but cry when I saw it. Thanks so very much to our families, we love you so much and it literally means the World to us.


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