Thursday, August 2, 2012

Louis the mouse came back!

Today Sophie came back from swimming lessons to find a wonderful surprise: Louis the mouse, who had been missing for a month, was waiting for her at the door.

All this time we were worrying sick wondering where she was, she had been traveling!
Reunited, at last :)
Now we will have to tell Sophie all about these wonderful places!


(Photos found on Google Image search: Eiffel towerEiffel tower 2Statue of LibertyPyramidsPyramids 2AmsterdamWindmillBig BenColosseumPisaEiffel towerKamakuramiceAlhambraBerlin cathedral)

1 comment:

  1. I thougth that our luggage's overweight was rare. Now I understand what happened. He came with us to the Airport and then flew away to all this wonderful destinations. We're very happy for his coming back home