Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best Birthday Presents Ever

Welcome to the World, Nina!
Our beautiful niece was born today, the same day I was born soooooo many years ago. It is perfect; now I won't have birthdays anymore!
After those news, came this, presented by my three loves:
Here is a little history: Long time ago, at a yard sale, I bought a Sequence board game for 50 cents. That game stayed in a drawer for years and years, until one day, just a few years ago, we decided to try it. We loved it, it was so much fun that we took it with us on all our trips. Until one day, it disappeared. I did not realize how lucky that was until today, when my wonderful husband presented me with his artistic version of it: The Game of Sequence. Isn't it awesome? He made it with Tony Meeuwissen'playing cards fromThe Key to the Kingdom.
Then we had cake and cuddles.
Finally, we went for Birthday BBQ to the best joint: Allen and Son. I had been waiting for this since our little boy was born, and I don't care how many Weight Watchers points this was, I had the hush puppies too!
By the way, the necklace was also a present. It is a Blood Orange Scented Ceramic Tree Necklace from Surly-ramics. Yum!
And to top it off, I received the Helen Dardik's prints that I ordered last week, and let me tell you, they  are even more beautiful in person than they are on the computer.
Even the envelope was awesome!
A Happy Birthday indeed.


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