Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family Bed: a Father’s Day Present

A special instant in our lives
This was us four (five, if you count Ratoncito) in bed the other morning: the baby had somehow wriggled so close to me that my butt was completely out of the bed, Sophie was digging her feet into daddy’s back, and Ratoncito (or Mr Mousey) had more than half bed all for himself -he is a kicker!-.
This is a simple and fun thing that you can make with your kids for Father’s day; all you need is polymer clay in your choice of colors, a square piece of wood and some acrylics to paint the wood (or you could use clay for everything). Make two small rectangles for the pillows, and one big and thin rectangle for the sheet. Make the little figures as simple or as detailed as you like. Bake the clay. Glue the pieces to the painted piece of wood, or leave them unattached so daddy can move them around  as he likes. Write your message on the bottom or back.
What I wrote:
 "Fatherhood: it is not comfortable, you do not get much sleep, and yet... it is totally awesome!"
How many people -and other- does your bed fit?



  1. That is so, so, so awesome. It is funny and gorgeous too.

  2. Thanks Ali, I am glad you liked it :).