Sunday, May 27, 2012

Flower Fairies came to play

I feel so proud of myself. This afternoon, while the big sister was away with daddy, and the baby was sleeping, I managed to go down to the art studio, gather some supplies and make these cute and easy flower fairies (inspired by these) to surprise Sophie when she came back home.
If you want to make them, all you need are these supplies
(plus your glue gun and spray sealer):
For the acorn head, paint the hair with a sharpie (it bleeds -see my fingers-, but if you are in a hurry, it works) and make dots for the eyes and mouth with your glitter pens. Acrylics would have been better, but I had no time to loose so I had to do with what I could.
For the wings, cut a rectangular piece of tulle and tie it in the middle with some yarn (this will work as very simple arms).
Cut the nice flowers you recycled from your friends’ wedding (or you can get them from any dollar or crafts store) and, with your glue gun, attach the head to the flower. This would be more sturdy if you drilled a little hole on the base of the acorn to thread the end of the flower, but again, I was working against the clock. Finally, tie the wings to the flower below the head, making sure the ends of the yarn are on the front to be the fairy’s arms.
Now put those fairies in your fairy garden and wait for your little one to come back.
What kind of fairies does your garden have?


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