Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter to y'all.

We did it! Colds and all, we still managed to do some fun stuff for Easter.
First, we started with an egg hunt on our front yard, where the sneaky bunny had hidden some cascarones (that he bought for $1.97 a dozen, since he was too sick to try to make them himself). Sophie did not appreciate the smashing on the head, but loved smashing each of the eggs on the ground.
For finding all those eggs, Sophie got some awesome paper birds and bunny that the bunny had downloaded for free from Nani Bird and Paper Box World.

Next, we had some candy.
Then we opened some presents from our lovely friend Paola.
After that, we had some Ginormous Easter Egg.
Then Sophie and grandma painted some egg shells.
And finally, daddy brought up a giant box that our friend Alison had given us a million years ago, and Sophie had the most fun of all day!
Hope y'all had a great day and a happy Easter.


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