Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Doggie Birthday!

Sophie and I had been planning Oscar's 9th Birthday for a while. Here is the list we came up with:

I did a quick google search for bacon cakes for dogs, and funny thing, the second link had a cherry muffin recipe. I guess Sophie was really onto something there! Lucky for me, she decided on her wooden cupcakes instead, so I would not have to do extra baking.
We made the bacon cake shaped like a cookie, using these ingredients (and just eyeing the amounts):
Oscar thought it turned out quite well.
Sophie was very focused on decorating the birthday sign, and on painting her hands.
Setting up.
And finally, enjoying the party.
Happy 9th Birthday, Oscar! We love you.



  1. Happy Birthday Oscar. Love the art work and the photos. Shall bring or post you a doggie biscuit recipe with carob in which we can make when I visit.
    Shall put it in with "things to bring" including Haviannas from round trip Arg. Lon. Akl.La to RD. Did Oskar eat the pink lollie? you all look great in your birthday hats. Missed your smile Gaby. On my way in a week. Woopee

  2. happy Bday Oscar, Sophie you are such a precious girl (which makes him a lucky dog!)

    Stefania from Philly