Thursday, February 2, 2012

Water beads and more Valentine's stuff

Keeping on with Valentine's decorations, we made a trip to Michael's and the Dollar Store. We finally got those cool water beads for Sophie (and I, why deny it?) to play with. They were a big hit. Sophie played with them for a looong time, squeezing, scooping, pouring, ''making hearts for daddy''.

They are full of bouncy fun. The only problem is exactly that: they bounce so much that they always end up on the floor, and I worried our dog, Oscar, would try to eat them. Well, I needn't worry about the beads, but unfortunately, the poor pieces of the new puzzle that had ended up on the floor were not as lucky...
Really, Oscar?! Now I am going to have to contact all puzzle makers to tell them to include a ''Keep away from dogs'' warning on their puzzles.
Sophie wanted flowers to put in the beads, so we cut a few Camellias and put them in vases.
We added some hearts to our ''recycled vinyl figure terrariums'' (they keep better than the plant ones, I can tell you that!)
I also cut hearts out of some of Sophie's drawings and made a garland to tie around a tree. I think Sophie liked the surprise.
I know they would look more stunning in bright colors, probably in felt or similar, but I wanted to use something made by Sophie.
And I heart it :).


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