Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby Monsters' Shoebox House

While trying to find an alternative to Sophie watching videos online, we decided to make a shoebox house for her little baby monsters and join Lilla a's Shoebox House Exhibition.

We used a shoebox (obviously), Mod Podge, a piece of brown bag for the floor, wrapping paper for the walls...
...old slides for the windows, a piece of an alarm clock for the door, a piece from a computer as a special monster ''play machine'', a piece of fake fur for the ''bear skin'' rug, an old watch for the wall clock, a plasic bottle cap for the light fixture, a little drum for fun and a large bead as a ball.
We added googly eyes liberally (some of us more than others :P) to make the house more 'monster-like'.
That was fun! Oh, and I even got Sophie to eat her lunch after all this work, so double win!
Now if I could only get her to take a nap...


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