Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Christmas tree... branch

This weekend the hubs took Sophie to the museum and I finally managed to put up our Christmas tree branch!

And after Sophie went to bed, I even made these cute little Santa gourds:
These are the Christmas tree and Menorah that I made for our first Christmas and Hanukah together:
While I do not get along well with computers, I love their insides. Back when I was still working at the lab I came across so many old and discarded computers that I became obsessed with opening them up and getting all the parts I could. And then I would use them to make 'art' (although some of my friends just called it trash). That is the story behind our mini tree and menorah :)
I am hoping to take some fun family holiday pictures soon, but we will really need to get our acts together!
Cheers and ho, ho, ho,



  1. I saw your work on dropbox and Scott gave me this link- very cool and inspiring to create something myself. I like how the materials in the computer sculpture and acorn angels etc. are a subsumption of the larger piece- the materials are camouflaged by the theme. When I looked closer and saw the elements of the aggregate, I said, "oh that is smart!" The horizontal and airy interpretation of the Christmas tree is also interesting and appealing as a contrast to traditional vertical evergreen density- We will do a traditional tree, but again I saw that piece and spontaneously applauded your expression- Best, Emerson

  2. Thanks, Emerson! I cannot wait to see what you'll make :)

  3. Gosh, I didn't expect you'd be reading my message, at least not anytime soon. Now I def. feel pressure to produce something so I don't just come across like a tumefied critic! To be continued...

  4. yo quiero un calabanoel!!!!! te quiero sis.

  5. @Emerson: you are funny!
    @Maru: ok, les llevo uno :)