Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Potty training and autumn leaves

 We are trying to make potty training as relaxed as we can :)

But I think I'll have to read a bit more about this topic, or we'll be changing diapers for years and years to come*. Any (gentle) tips are welcome :)
I love the colors of fall in North Carolina. I could look at those leaves all day...
I was so upset to see our dogwood tree had lost almost all of its beautiful red leaves today... Fortunately there are lots of other trees around that are still holding.
Hope you are surrounded by colors too :)


*as I was writing this post, Sophie shouted: "Mamaaaa!!!! Look, peeeeeee!!!" (and yes, that was on the floor) and proceeded to run around the house like a mad girl laughing and screaming: "Pottypottypottypottypotty!!!".

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