Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fluffy the bunny

 I am not sure if Fluffy by Simone Lia can be considered a children's book, but he is so adorable that when Sophie's uncle A~ got it for us (while Sophie was still in my belly), I decided I had to make one.

I just made it up as I was going, with no pattern*. My favorite part was Fluffy's bed :) (obviously made from a cardboard box!). Finally I cut an old sheet and an old pair of jeans to make the bedding.
And then in the mail it went to surprise the heck out of uncle A~ :)
When I saw the inspiring Once upon a thread organized by Katy from No Big Dill, I instantly thought of Fluffy and wanted to share him with everyone. He is just so cuddly!
If you like Fluffy, don't miss Simone Lia's tutorial: 'How to draw bunnies'.


*long time after I made him I found a very similar bunny online, with a free pattern.

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