Thursday, October 20, 2011

A robot and his doll

Let me introduce you to: Robotito and Bebebot. They are great friends and, if you want, they can cuddle with you for hours. They can also play hide-and-seek all day, and they can fly to the moon!
Bebebot can play the xylophone and Robotito can play the piano and the tambourine, but he cannot play the ukulele.

Oh, and they are totally into Halloween!!
Robotito and Bebebot will be part of the upcoming Build a Robot Exhibition over at lilla a. Check them out here now, before the fame goes to their heads :)
Now you go ahead and build your own robots.



  1. He is so cute your robot ! Fun !

  2. Merci Flo! J'aime votre robots aussi :)