Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How did this happen??

How is it possible for a year to go by so fast? I still can't believe we have a two year old girl...
Really, how did we go from this:

... to this?

I have to say that I love all the fun that came with it. This is her "Happy Dance", which she started doing out of the blue on the day of her birthday :)

As a nice treat for Sophie, my mom came to celebrate with us. And although the rest of our families are far away, we made good use of Skype and Tokbox to open presents and blow candles with everybody!
To surprise Sophie, we framed some of her latest drawings and hang them in the living room, and we tied some balloons to her crib while she was asleep.
This little bird carried our birthday message for Sophie, and she got to paint it afterwards (blue, of course).
We had a fun little party with friends. I made cupcakes for the first time in my life (those didn't exist in Argentina when I lived there) and was quite happy with the outcome. I also made a cake filled with orange juice and dulce de leche and covered in chocolate-my mom's all time birthday cake-). I made the blue birds and flower with fondant (not my best work, but they did the job).
For the kids, I made frames out of cardboard with nice paper inside so they could make some take home art. 

I also made little boats for them to race in the paddling pool using straws, but we had one of the only two cold days in over a month of beautiful weather, so I didn't want kids getting wet and sick. Oh, well, we'll have to wait until the next play date :)
The favors were simple: wood critters to paint, lollipops and stickers from Michael's, with tags that I cut out of a painting that Sophie made.

Happy Birthday Dear Sophie... I cannot imagine loving anyone more than we love you. You are the best thing that ever happened to us!


Mama and Dad


  1. Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl :-)
    So, I know I'm being very disorganized in rounding up all of the winners of the Fairy Garden Competition. I know you sent me an email but just can't find it... soooooo sorry. Can you email me again with your address and your choice of photo from Dovie Moon (www.doviemoon.etsy.com)
    I will get it right this time, I promise :-)
    Blessings and magic,

  2. Thanks Donni! I am so not used to this blogging thing that I did not even realize I had more comments until now! I am so sorry!! I will email you today with our choice of print (too many beautiful things, makes it hard to choose :P).