Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stop and look for fairies

To be honest, what finally pushed me to start this blog was The Magic Onions Fairy Garden Competition. There are so many incredible and oh, so whimsical gardens that I could not stay just as a reader anymore. I had to make one for ourselves. Thanks so much Donni and Kitty for inspiring us!
My initial plan was to make everything myself, but I fell in love with the Succulent roof birdhouse and I knew that had to be our fairy house.
I was lucky to find a big rubber tub to borrow from our friends and also to come across some sweet little neighbors who were selling colorful rocks and little houses and who gave us all the cute little creatures (they will soon receive a surprise letter with pictures of our Fairyland). 
Since the container was too deep, I put a styrofoam box inside to make it shallower and then filled the space on the sides with lots of pinecones that Sophie and I picked up from our yard (we also picked a black widow spider with them, but luckily nobody got hurt). I then added some sand to fill in the gaps, hoping that this will also help with the draining (we could not make a hole in the bottom of the tub because our friends would probably not like that). After this, I put some gravel and finally the soil. We decided where the houses would go, made the trails with stones that we found in our backyard, made a hole for the bowl that would be the pond and planted all the herbs, creepers and little trees that we picked from our yard. Finally we covered the soil with moss. We decorated the stone pathway with shells that we collected in New Zealand, made some little succulent planters with old flask caps. The fairy rock in front of the house was from a little girl who used to live in our old apartment. 
A little fairy mirror reads: 'Believe in yourself and all your dreams will come true' (in spanish) and it is from a card that a friend had given me when we finished elementary school and that I found while looking for treasures for our garden (such a sweet memory). I made the 'Stop and look for fairies' sign out of polymer clay using Sophie's 4 month old hand cast (and I almost burned down the house by forgetting it in the toaster oven).
In the play area we put the colored rock, a little stick bench, small rocks, shells and a swing. To make the swing I was inspired by this and this. For the seat I used a bit of copper sheet that I had left from our fireplace surround makeover. 
I also used the copper sheet to make the little pinwheels.
The boats were made with bits of foam flowers and leaves, and they sail happily with the lightest breeze.
I had made the toadstools for Sophie's first birthday with paper mache paste but had never managed to paint them until now. I covered some old bangles with ribbon to make the fairy hula hoops. The little bike was inspired by this. I used a wooden skewer for the body, some buttons for the wheels, beads for the handle and a fake leather heart for the seat.
And finally, we put all the little creatures in their places and had a blast.
We hope you like it.


PS: I have entered the 2011 Fairy Garden Competition hosted by The Magic Onions


  1. Your family fairy garden is so cute! You were very clever about making so many nice accessories. That toothpick and button bike is adorable!

  2. I love your garden, it's so sweet. I love the bike with button wheels too, and the copper swing.

  3. Thanks Kathy and Dannyelle for your sweet comments :)

  4. Aaawww... thanks so much, Shelllouise!

  5. This is a beautiful garden. You were much braver than me, my son is a similar age to your daughter but when I made our fairy garden I didn't trust that he wouldn't try and eat any mini furniture I made. I love your mini maple and baby trees round the outside.

  6. so cute... how lovely and imaginative! the toadstools and bicycle are just adorable.

  7. Your fairy garden is beautiful! Such an inspiration! My daughter and I will have to make one very soon. She is in love with fairies and gnomes. And I've been enjoying your blog posts. I, too, am a scientist turned stay-at-home mom (living in Durham, NC)!

  8. @ Jeni, the Monko, PuppyLovePrincess and Catherine: Thanks to all of you for your nice words. I am still a very green blogger, so I did not realize I had more comments until today!!
    @ Catherine: Maybe we can have a play date sometime :)

  9. Hello!

    This is Donni from The Magic Onions. My children and I loved your fairy garden from last year! I wanted to invite you to participate in our 2012 Fairy Garden Contest. We are accepting entries through August 1st. We look forward to seeing your ~beautiful~ fairy garden! :)

    Blessings and Magic,

    Donni Webber

  10. YOU have inspired ME to make a few things for a fairy garden for my great niece. I am SO excited!!

    1. Thanks, Faye; I'm so glad to hear that. Have fun! :)