Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mini Terrariums

Yes, we have joined the terrarium craze that has been going around for a while (although I have always had a thing for terrariums, since my grandparents used to sell them in their shop when I was little). I had some big plans for my little habitats, but could never find the time to get onto them. Well, today I decided it was the day. To keep Sophie busy, we made some mini terrariums and when she went down for her nap, I grabbed everything and with much anticipation started pouring sand, then rocks and then soil into my glass bowls. The soil was completely dry, so I added some water... not a good idea. Everything was ruined (sob). Well, not everything, I think our mini terrariums were a big hit.
This is what we used:

We played a little to decide what to put in each container
And added some little friends to finally get this:
 And this:
Not too bad, right?


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